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The characteristics of valve molybdenum vanadium steel pressure plant

time:2015/11/23from:Hangzhou Kaiwei Valve Group Co., LTD
CrMoV pressure globe valve
Connection mode: Welding
Pressure: P54 170 high temperature 540 degrees, the pressure reached 170 kg
Material: chrome molybdenum vanadium steel, 12CrMo1V
The characteristics of the valve CrMoV high pressure power station:
1) CrMoV high pressure power station valve structure is simple than CrMoV high pressure power station gate valve, easy manufacture and repair.
(2) the sealing surface is not easy to wear and abrasion, good sealing, opening and closing the valve and valve body sealing surface between the no relative sliding, so wear and tear are not serious, good sealing performance, long service life.
(3) opening and closing, the valve flap valve travel is small, so the valve height is smaller than the power station, but the length of the structure is longer than the gate valve.
(4) CrMoV pressure globe valve opening and closing torque large, open and close more laborious, opening and closing time of the principal.
(5) fluid resistance, due to chromium molybdenum vanadium steel high pressure power station cut-off valve medium inside the channel more twists and turns, fluid resistance, and power consumption.
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