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Main difference between hard seal and soft seal gate valve

time:2015/11/23from:Hangzhou Kaiwei Valve Group Co., LTD
For a long time on the use of the general valve leakage or rusty phenomenon, the soft sealing valve to overcome the general valve seal, rust and other defects, soft sealing gate valve to produce micro elastic deformation of the compensation effect to achieve a good sealing effect, the valve has a switch light, reliable, flexible memory and service life, etc.. Can be widely used for water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy systems, a body of pipeline regulation and closure devices as. But what is the main difference between hard seal gate valve and soft seal gate valve? Xiangyu valve Xiaobian detailed to introduce you!
Hard seal: Seal vice on both sides of the metal material or hard other material is called "hard seal". The sealing performance is poor, but high temperature resistance, wear resistance, good mechanical performance.
Soft seal: sealing side of the side of the side of the metal material, the other side is a flexible non-metallic material is called "soft seal". The sealing performance is good, but not high temperature, easy to wear, mechanical, etc..
Soft seal is a sealing side of one side is the low hardness of materials, generally speaking, soft sealing seat using with certain strength, hardness and resistance temperature properties of non-metallic materials, good sealing performance, can achieve zero leakage, but life and the temperature adaptability is poor.
Seal metal production, the sealing performance is relatively poor, although the manufacturer claims can be done with zero leakage.
Soft seal has the advantages of good sealing performance, the disadvantage is easy to aging, wear, short service life. Hard seal service life long, but the sealing of the relative ratio of soft seal. These two kinds of sealing can complement each other, on the sealing of the soft seal is relatively good, but now the seal of the seal is also able to meet the corresponding requirements.
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