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The difference between the plunger valve and the valve

time:2015/11/23from:Hangzhou Kaiwei Valve Group Co., LTD
Valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, valve stem, plunger, Kong Jia, sealing ring, hand wheel and other parts. When the hand wheel rotation, through the stem to drive the plunger in the middle of the hole to complete the valve to complete the valve opening and closing function. Valve opening and closing parts are plug shaped valve, sealing surface flat or cone, fluid along the centerline of the valve for linear motion.
Closed by a stainless steel plunger, the upper and lower two rich elastic sealing ring and a metal seal, sealing effect by the piston and sealing ring close together to achieve, plunger plug in two sealing ring, sealing area is far greater than the ordinary valve; switch valve, the piston in the sealing ring slow movement, the contact surface is almost no wear and tear, closed when the plunger is inserted into the lower seal, open, although the plunger is out of the sealing ring, retaining and external isolation, no leakage.
Valve is forced to seal the valve, so when the valve is closed, the valve must be applied to the valve pressure to force the sealing surface does not leak. When the medium by the valve flap valve below the operating force required to overcome the resistance, is the valve stem and the friction force generated by the media pressure, the valve opening force is greater than the valve, so the valve stem diameter should be large, otherwise it will be a failure of the valve stem top.
Globe valve has the following advantages: the structure is simple, manufacture and maintenance more convenient, working stroke is small, opening and closing time is short. Good sealing, sealing surface friction force is small, longer life. The disadvantages are as follows: the fluid resistance, opening and closing the required force. Do not apply with particles, high viscosity, easy to medium coke. Poor regulation performance. The advantages of the piston valve said, its biggest drawback is that the opening and closing speed is slow.
Summary: through the above analysis, the difference between the plunger valve and the valve has been a greater understanding. I believe that with the support of modern science and technology, these two products will be more suitable for market demand, perhaps in the future one day, the boundaries of these distinctions will become smaller and smaller. To understand the difference between the plunger valve and valve related information, please pay attention to grab the foreman information channel.
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